The range

We manufacture various stators for AC and BLPM motors, as well as for alternators. We also cut cables and wires to specified lengths. We offer a range of more than 60 types of thermal switches and 15 types of thermal sensors for electric motors.


The stators are manufactured using modern winding machines by Statomat. We also perform manual winding.


To cut wires and various tubes we use a Schleuniger EcoStrip 9300 cutter. The machine allows efficient and precise processing of wire and cable with an external diameter of up to 6 mm, as well as flat strips of up to 13 mm width.


You can choose from more than 60 different thermal switches using the basic thermal elements by Thermik, as well as roughly 15 different thermal sensors, with the sensors themselves supplied by Philips (KTY84 series). If there is no suitable product in our range of offerings, we can also provide custom manufacturing services.

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A new addition to our programme is a range of electric engine-generator sets (gensets), which consist of Honda GX-series engines and electric generators by Linz electric. This combination of components ensures the high-quality, durability, and ease of use of Vibeks gensets. We offer two product families of gensets. The GVS models are single-phase gensets with an output voltage of 230 V and a capacitive voltage regulation. The GVE model is a three-phase genset with an output voltage of 400 V and a mixed inductive/electronic (AVR) voltage regulation. Contact us if the gensets we offer are not suitable for you; we’ll find the appropriate solution together. You can see our genset range by following web link.