Our premises are located in a small village on the brink of the Trnovo forest, in Predmeja. The Predmeja settlement is scattered between 850 and 1031m above sea level, where the highest-lying house in the village is located. The village lies at the southern brink of the Trnovo forest on a plateau called Gora, near the famous Rob, a part of the regional park, which then descends steeply into the Vipava valley. The Predmeja settlement gets its name from its location at the brink of the forest, which the locals call “meja”.


The settlement of this area began in the early 17th century, when the Counts of Križ sent their surveyors to assess the possibilities of making use of the forest and its wildlife. The conditions were favourable, so the Counts of Križ began accelerating the settlement of this area.

Today, Predmeja has a population of roughly 400 people. Quite a few associations and societies are active in the area, including Društvo Gora (the Gora Association), Društvo podeželskih žena Predmeje (the Predmeja Country Women Association), the Kozja stena Hunting Association, the Trnovo forest Hunting Association, and a singing choir organised by the Predmeja Country Women Association. It is therefore clear that there is a lot of activity and vitality around here

Our factory premises are located here...