We manufacture stators for BLPM motors, AC motors, and alternators for a range of voltages from 24 V to 220 V. The stators are both hand-wound and machine-wound, but we have been phasing out manual winding in line with the investment dynamics. This way we will reduce the cost of manufacture, but also significantly improve quality – the process is monitored using a control device and provides the option of collecting statistics.

Ročno navijanje

The stators are produced using modern winding machines from Statomat (type A2); they are computer-controlled, which allows simple reconfiguration for a new type of stator. In the production of stators we use an insulation insertion machine, a coil winding machine, a machine for the insertion of coils into the stator stack, machines for in-process and final calibration, a wire stripping machine, a machine for enamelling and painting, a welding machine, and a control device.

Navijalni stroj Elmotec Statomat A2 Vlagalni stroj

The stators are manufactured in several steps – first, the insulation is inserted into the stator stack; in the meantime, the coils have already been wound by the winding machine and are transferred to the insertion machine. The latter inserts the coils into the stator stack and fills the slots in the stack with insulation. Afterwards, the operator calibrates the stator, which is then transported to the other line, where the stator taps are prepared, final calibrations and controls are performed, and the stator is readied to be enamelled. The stators are bath-enamelled (impregnated) and dried in an oven. Afterwards, the stators are painted; before we ship them, we perform a final inspection. We ensure the high quality of our products throughout the manufacturing process. To this end, we perform a 100% electrical inspection of electrical faults, inter-coil and inter-phase short circuits, as well as coil inductance. The inspection is performed on an inspection machine – before the impregnation step, as well as at the end of the process. Our system of quality is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.

Statorji izdelani pri nas

Since the beginning of 2010 we’ve also been making thermal sensors and thermal switches for electric motors. If the stator winding or the motor starts to overheat, the motor can be switched off using control electronics and a thermocouple. We produce more than 60 different thermal switches using basic thermal elements by the company Thermik, as well as roughly 15 different thermal sensors, with the sensors themselves supplied by Philips (KTY84 series). We can also produce thermocouples to order.


In 2014 we also began producing engine-generator sets (gensets), both for professional and domestic use. There are two families of Vibeks gensets on offer. They are the single-phase GVS gensets with outputs of 2.6 kW, 3.5 kW, and 5 kW, which have a capacitive voltage regulation, and the three-phase GVE genset with an output of 7 kVA with a mixed electronic and inductive (AVR) voltage regulation. If necessary, we can also make custom gensets to your specifications. To read more about our range of offerings, follow this link.