About the company

VIBEKS d. o. o. was started in 2005 with the purpose of manufacturing stators for Letrika d. d., which is based in Šempeter pri Gorici. For several years now, we have been cooperating with Letrika, d.d. in the production of hand-wound and machine-wound stators. Prototype and sample stators are still hand-wound, as well as those for low-volume production, where acquiring winding equipment would not be economical. In 2005 we began producing stators for BLPM motors and alternators; we now also wind stators for AC motors, as the demand for such stators has greatly increased recently. The availability of human resources and expansion space for the premises enables us to diversify into other areas; we are therefore interested in cooperation with other companies that we can offer our services to.

Pogled v halo

Our factory premises currently cover an area of 600 square metres. At the moment, we employ 32 locals of both genders. The company was founded in a region with no other employers, so it also has the role of providing social security to the community of the Gora plateau and the municipality of Ajdovščina. Our company has no negative effects on the environment. Our pollutant concentrations are very low; we have a very good air purification system and we also purchased modern machines which are highly energy-efficient and have a low noise level. Since we use closed-circuit cooling systems, we do not use process water.


Due to the production expansion and the resulting shortage of space, we augmented the existing objects with a temporary fabric-covered structure, which serves as a warehouse.